GCM16 Training: Week Five

Last week, I harped on common mistakes. This week I'm going to discuss goals. The first reason being is that I completed my first Yasso 800 speed workout this week. The idea of  "Yasso 800s" is to run your 800 in the same time you plan on finishing your marathon. For example, if you're aiming… Continue reading GCM16 Training: Week Five


GCM16 Training: Week Three

I'm going to apologize because my training posts so far this training period have been very basic at most. I'll try to make sure that they fully reflect all of my 2016 Glass City Marathon (and Pittsburgh Marathon) training. Prior to this training period, I vowed to make 2016 the year of body maintenance. I've… Continue reading GCM16 Training: Week Three

GCM16 Training: Week One

This year I have decided to train again for a Spring Marathon: the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon. Training officially started Monday January 4th. I was really nervous leading last week because we had yet to receive a training plan. Finally an email was sent Saturday evening, but still not training plan. Eventually on Sunday… Continue reading GCM16 Training: Week One