Friday Five: Wake Up and Run

The best part (for me) about summertime is taking advantage of the earlier sunrise, and getting my day started with a run! And if you’re not already a morning runner and dread the thought of having to wake up any earlier than you already have to, here are my 5 tips for Waking up and Running.

  1. Train Your Body. Wake up at the same time every morning, regardless of whether or not you are running. Soon that 4:30am or 5:00am wake up won’t feel so early when your body becomes used to it. My favorite days are rest days when I wake up at 4:30am and get to spend the morning before work with a cup of coffee and a book (plus Addie snuggles). This includes weekends, because nothing is worse than sleeping in on Sunday then trying to force yourself out of bed extra early on a Monday!
  2. Prep The Night Before. I find that if I lay out my running clothes (and shoes) out the night before, I save plenty of time in the morning deciding what I want to wear. I also go so far as to lay out the clothes I will wear to work. This is especially important if I plan on showering at the gym; having that gym bag packed the night before saves precious time in the morning allowing me to head out the door. Having the coffee ready to brew, breakfast ready to cook/heat up, and my workbag packed, all help save a few minutes in the morning.
  3. Set The Alarm. Most mornings, even if I don’t set an alarm, I will wake up at 4:30am. But if I need to get out of bed, I don’t rely on my internal alarm. I set an alarm both on my watch and on my phone, since I’m a notorious snoozer. I also set my back-up alarm, or my boyfriend who will wake me up if my alarm goes off more than once.
  4. Take The Time. Maybe you need 30 minutes to just wake up, enjoy your coffee, walk your dog, or use the restroom. Just plan that into your morning. Instead of waking up at 5:00am, you may need to wake up at 4:30am. Yes, it’s nice to roll out of bed already in your running clothes just needing to slip on your shoes and go, but that’s not for everyone.
  5. Run With A Friend. Peer pressure can sometimes be a great (and positive) motivator. When your alarm goes off, even if you want to stay in bed, you may feel obligated to get out the door if you know someone is waiting on you.

What helps you get out the door in the morning?

Comment below!


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