Friday Five: Birthday Wishlist

It’s my birthday month. And in the spirit of getting asked what I want for my birthday (although I’m reaching the age where I may be too old for presents), I thought I would write about the Five Things on my Wishlist!

  1. A Chef. Between working 40+hours a week, training, and taking care of my dog, the last thing I want to do with the few spare hours I have is cook and/or meal prep. Also, I’m not that creative in the kitchen and I lack some decent culinary skills which means cooking from RFES can be challenging.
  2. A Personal Pacer. All the elite runners seem to have it for their training runs, why not me?
  3. Less Sugar. Why must food companies insist on adding sugar to food that doesn’t need sugar? Even if it’s just from adding too much fruit “for flavor.” Is it really necessary for Picky Bars to contain approximately 70% of the recommended daily sugar intake?
  4. Shoe Recycling Program. Some environmentally friendly makeup and hair-care companies offer discounts to customers who return empty product containers for recycling. What runner wouldn’t love knowing that their old shoes are being recycled instead of going into a landfill AND get a discount on a new pair?!?
  5. A PUPPY!

Question: What makes up your birthday wishlist?




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