GCM16 Training: Week Thirteen

Lucky 13! PEAK WEEK!

Here I am trying to get another pair of shoes to throw into rotation before race day. With this high mileage training period, I’ve been cycling through too many pairs of shoes. As two pairs of shoes have reached 300+ miles, I no longer wear them for any runs longer than 4 miles. I love my Hoka’s for recovery runs, but they are increasing in mileage as well so I’m shopping for another pair to use solely when my legs feel like they need the extra TLC. I have a spare pair of LunarGlide 7’s, but they just don’t love me like the previous versions of this model.

Here’s how my current weekly rotation looks:

  • Monday: Nike LunarGlide 7 (Navy Blue)
  • Tuesday: Nike LunarGlide 6 (Pink) + Nike LunarGlide 6 (Purple)
  • Wednesday: Hoka One One Challenger
  • Thursday: Nike LunarGlide 7 (Navy Blue)
  • Friday: Hoka One One Challenger
  • Saturday: Nike LunarGlide 6 (Orange)

I feel like there’s a visit to a local running store in my near future!

Monday: Training Plan 7 Miles Easy

  • Actual – 7.0 Mile Run Outside in the AM.
    • Plenty of wind to give me an added challenge. That also made it feel colder than it really was. Regardless I loved this run. Flooded roads made for more fun, and I couldn’t help but laugh when my running scared some mallard ducks into flight which in turn scared me because it was still dark outside.
  • Pure Barre in the AM.
  • Foam Rolled. ProCompression Socks. Mini-Bands.

Tuesday: Training Plan 8 x Yasso 800s

  • Actual – 7.55 Mile Run Outside in the PM.
    • Skipped my morning run due to unfortunate circumstances. Oops.
    • My evening run was a 1 Mile Warm-up followed by 8 x 8 Yasso 800s and a 0.75 Mile Cool Down. I hit almost all of my 3:35 splits with the except of two really close calls (#1 and #5). I walked during my “recovery.” My last 800 was 3:30 and felt really strong.
  • Pure Barre in the AM.
  • Foam Rolled. ProCompression Socks. Mini-Bands.

Wednesday: Training Plan 3 Miles Easy

  • Actual – 6.0 Mile Run Outside in the AM.
    • As warm as it was last week, it’s been cold this week. But I’m enjoying it. It helped me run effortlessly this morning. I ran just enough to stay warm, but at a pace that felt easier than conversational  pace. After yesterday’s hard Yasso 800s, I needed more recovery than Easy Pace. While this morning’s run was still in my “easy” pace range, the goal wasn’t so much focused on pace but on how I felt. Effortless.
  • Pure Barre in the AM.
  • Foam Rolled. ProCompression Socks.

Thursday: Training Plan 8 Miles [Miles 2-7, 4 min on/1 min off]

  • Actual – 8.2 Mile Run Outside in the AM.
    • I ran the workout as prescribed. I kept on pace for my 4 minutes on, but because my legs are still fatigued from Tuesday’s Yassos I took my 1 minutes extra easy, and even walked a few of them. It was raining for most of my run, but I didn’t mind. As of today, I’ve ran 224.4 Miles for the month of March!
  • Pure Barre in the AM.
  • [Home Yoga in the PM].
  • Foam Rolled. ProCompression Socks.

Friday: Training Plan 4 Miles Easy

  • Actual – 6.25 Mile Run Outside in the AM.
      Since I missed my additional miles on Tuesday I’ve been happy that they’ve added themselves back in organically. Except for today. I had completely planned on today’s 4 Miles, but realized I really wanted to hit my weekly mileage and there was no way I was going to add them on tomorrow or even Sunday. Which was fine by me, because 4 Mile runs feel so short (remind me of this during recovery when they feel so long!). It worked out perfectly.
  • Pure Barre in the PM.
  • Foam Rolled. ProCompression Socks. Mini-Bands.

Saturday: Training Plan 22 Miles Easy

  • Actual – 22.0 Mile Run Outside in the AM.
    • If I didn’t already love my Garmin Forerunner 230, then I fell in love today. The ability to enter my training workouts with appropriate pace is beyond fantastic. I decided for today’s long run to set up my workout by 4.5 mile increments so that I would know when I needed to consume fuel, but I also set the paces so that I wouldn’t go out too fast, but also so as the miles grew on I would be motivated to maintain my easy pace. It worked like a charm. It was also a test run, because I am considering doing this for GCM, but wanted a trial long run first.
    • The weather was almost perfect. Even though it was close to freezing and at times there was a bit of a chilly headwind, the sun was shining and I was running in tights and a tee. Sometimes I needed gloves but my long sleeve was around my waist the entire run. Towards the end of the run I realized that my long tights were just too warm and if the weather was any warmer on race day, I would substitute capris.
    • Today’s run was the biggest test of nutrition. After Pure Barre, I consumed 1 Nick’s Spicy Turkey stick and 1 Banana Bread LaraBar. I think the dates in the LaraBar work my stomach too much, and I won’t be continuing this practice prior to long runs or race days. Even with the sub-40 degree weather, I didn’t have the “freezing” of the chews and waffle that I’ve previously experienced, but I did realize that trying to eat the waffle on the run can be difficult because it is just so dry. I’ll give it one more try next week before I decide to keep it or not. I also carried 8 ounces of water with me, which was just enough to consume with my fuel. I will not carry extra water with me on race day (except I do normally start with a small bottle that I can throw away at any time, because the water stations can be crowded early on with the half marathoners).
      • Mile 4.5-5 ProBar Bolt Berry Blast Chews + 1 Clif Blok Margarita chew.
      • Mile 9-Same as above.
      • Mile 13.5-1 Honey Stinger Chocolate Waffle +1 Clif Blok Maragarita chew.
      • Mile 18-3 Clif Blok Margarita chews.
  • Pure Barre in the AM.
  • Foam Rolled. ProCompression Socks. Mini-Bands. Epsom Salt Soak.

Sunday: Training Plan Rest Day

  • Actual – Rest Day.
  • Pure Barre in the AM.
  • Yoga in the AM.
  • ProCompression Socks.
    • I was pretty exhausted from the weekend. My body didn’t feel too bad, but I didn’t want to do too much and cause soreness, so I kept my recovery low.

Total Weekly Mileage: 57.0 Miles.

You can view all of my weekly workout recaps here.

Question: Tell me about your shoes. How do you track them? How do you know when they need to be retired? How to you find a new pair?
Tell me in the comments!




3 thoughts on “GCM16 Training: Week Thirteen”

  1. I’ve been able to get 700 miles on my shoes. They are Newtons. I track my mileage on RunningAhead (a super great free log online!!). My concern about race day is if there is rain because the Newtons have pretty bad traction in wet conditions. Let’s just hope that is not going to happen!!
    What kind of range did you find comfortable for your pace setting on your Garmin? I too have found it beeping a lot to slow down or speed up when I have programmed a pace in. I’ve only done that a few times. Not enough to really tweak it properly.


  2. Lisa,
    I’ll have to check that app out!

    From trial and error with the Garmin, I’ve noticed that if I’m doing speed work and I want a specific pace I have a small window. Example would be Yasso 800s (set to 7:06-7:14 for a 3:33-3:37 yasso). If I’m doing more of a tempo workout I have a 10 second windo.
    For my easy run, it was really to keep from going too fast so it was really helpful. I also knew it was going to be cold and windy so I had a 20-30 second window just in case.
    This was partially trial and error, but also knowing my own running habits. Also, I don’t like seeing major pace differences between miles. But I do agree the constant speed up slow down beeping can be annoying, it was really helpful when trying to settle into a pace for a long run.
    For Saturday, I did runs of 4.5 miles so my watch would tell me when to fuel basically. My first set was slower, but as each set went on and I knew I would settle into my pace, I started to close the right end of the spectrum and extend the left end. My training MP is 8:12, so my easy pace is 9:12-9:42.
    For example:
    Miles 0-4.5: pace 9:22-9:52 (I ran an average of 9:30)
    Miles 4.5-9: pace 9:12-9:32 (I ran an average of 9:20)
    Miles 9-13.5: pace 9:00-9:22 (I ran an average of 9:20)
    Miles 13.5-18: pace 9:00-9:12 (I ran an average of 9:10)
    Miles 18-22: pace 8:42-9:12 (I ran an average of 9:00)
    Hope that makes sense.

    I’ve been using this also for my MP workouts I set those miles to 8:08-8:16. Because during past runs (when I had it accidentally set to 8:12 only—major oops), those were the two ranges I saw during my run-mostly 8:10 and 8:14.
    It’s really helped me dial in my pace because I’m a really poor judge of it. It also keeps me from staring at my watch during runs.

    Good luck 🙂

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    1. That’s an interesting way to remind you to take fuel! I had never thought of doing that. I had some odd results when I have used the programmed workouts where it would add in another “lap” which was super short and some weird pace. I think that was a result of stopping (like at a street corner). It’s never happened otherwise.
      Sadly, no app for RunningAhead. It’s just an online website (runningahead.com).


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