PGH Marathon: Transition Week Training

There is no "training plan" for this transition week. I'm still trying to analyze what went wrong last weekend at GCM. Did I overtrain? Not do enough? Did I not get enough rest on Saturday? But I'm also trying to focus on what went right, and get my mind right for the next one.  … Continue reading PGH Marathon: Transition Week Training


GCM16 Training: Week Fifteen

I'm exhausted. It's that time during every training plan when Taper comes and I feel like it's the perfect excuse to slack off. But looking back on my race performance that plan isn't working. So this year there's a new plan, thanks to the coaches over at Dave's Running and their Marathon-in-Training program. The philosophy… Continue reading GCM16 Training: Week Fifteen

GCM16 Training: Week Fourteen

It's Taper Time! Well it's my last cut back week, then it's taper time, but it pretty much feels like the taper is beginning with the reduction in mileage. There are varying opinions on the length of a taper and exactly how much mileage should be reduced, but most running philosophies do agree that you… Continue reading GCM16 Training: Week Fourteen