GCM16 Training: Week Seven

I’m still riding the gratitude wave. It really is all about attitude. A positive mental attitude will take you so much farther than a negative mentality. Instead of looking at the weather and being disappointed to see below freezing temperatures, I look and think that I am thankful to enjoy weather that doesn’t make me overheat (in the summer, I will be thankful for weather that allows me to leave the gloves and beanie at home).

This week was a solid week of training and I’m feeling very positive about this training period. Both of my speed workouts went as planned, and I felt very strong. My long run went better than any long run I’ve completed to date. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Monday: Training Plan 7 Miles Easy

  • Actual – 7.0 Mile Run Outside in the AM.
    • Another sick day. I haven’t been sleeping as well as I was on the 21 Day Sugar Detox, and I’m going too attribute my slacking diet to my poor sleep. And with quite a few people feeling under the weather at work, it’s bound to happen. But with the fresh snow on the ground, I couldn’t help but get off the couch and get out there to enjoy it. Thankfully the weather had warmed up a bit (still below freezing). I loved seeing the cardinals out on my run. And the fresh snow was just so pretty.
  • Foam Rolled. Yoga Home Practice. ProCompression Socks.

Tuesday: Training Plan 5 x 1000m + 2 minute Rest

  • Actual – 4.0 Mile Run Outside in the AM. 5.11 Mile Treadmill Run in the PM.
    • For my morning run, it was slightly warmer than yesterday, but I did have to deal with some icy conditions. It was hard to get up to an “easy” pace because I kept slowing down to watch my footing.
    • The “track” workout for today was changed slightly, with a decrease in our rest period between 1000m (from 2 minutes to 1 minute). At first I was a little apprehensive. But then I realized these 1000m repeats are slower than my Yasso 800s two weeks ago. To be honest they actually felt really easy. I’m looking forward to next month when we repeat this workout except with a faster pace. I warmed up with one mile at 6.3 mph and a 1% incline. I did my 5 x 1000m (the last one was at 8.0 mph). I cooled down with another mile. This time starting at 6.5 mph (1% incline) and increasing the speed and the incline, ending with the last 1/4 mile at 7.0 mph and 3.0% incline. I felt really strong today.
  • Foam Rolled. Yoga Home Practice. ProCompression Socks.

Wednesday: Training Plan 6 Miles Easy

  • Actual – 7.0 Mile Run Outside in the AM.
    • I could feel yesterday’s speed workout this morning. So I decided to take it extra easy, and with the icy conditions I had no choice at certain points in my run.
  • Foam Rolled. Yoga Home Practice. ProCompression Socks.

Thursday: Training Plan 7 Miles [Miles 2-4 + 6 at MP]

  • Actual – 7.0 Mile Run on the Treadmill in the PM.
    • Mile 1&5 were slightly slower than Easy Pace; 6.1mph and 6.3mph at 1% incline respectively. MP miles were actually 5-10 seconds faster. Mile 6 was upped to a 1% incline. And my final mile came in right at Easy Pace.
  • 75 minute Yoga class at Yogaja Yoga in the PM.
  • Instead of a Home Yoga Practice or Foam Rolling, I did a lot more focused stretching before and after my run.

Friday: Rest Day! Wow. It’s amazing. Except I’m so used to waking up and running that I almost felt lazy this AM.

Saturday: Training Plan 15 Miles Easy

  • Actual – 18.0 Mile Run on the Treadmill in the AM.
    • I really wanted to get an early start on my long run, so I passed on meeting up with my Dave’s Pace Group and headed out on my own. I did 3 “loops.” The first loop was 5.5 miles before refueling with ProBar Bolt (Berry Blast) and water maintaining a 9’30” pace. The second loop was 6.0 miles running approximately 9’20” pace before refueling again with ProBar Bolt (Berry Blast) and water. My last loop was 6.5 miles and despite the distinct increase in wind, I was running sub-9’00” surprising.
  • After my run, I headed over for a 75 minute Yoga class at Yogaja Yoga.
  • Foam Rolled.

Sunday: Rest Day! I enjoyed a 60 minute Yoga class at Red Yoga.

  • ProCompression Socks!

Total Weekly Mileage: 48.2 Miles.

You can view all of my weekly workout recaps here.

Looking ahead to Week 8 of Training, (cutback week!) here is what I have planned:
Monday- 7 Miles Easy [Training Plan-4 Miles Easy]
Tuesday- 2 Mile Warm-up, 2 x 2000m + 3 minute Rest, 2 Mile Cool-down [Training Plan- 2 x 2000m + 3 minute Rest]
Wednesday- 16 Miles Easy [Training Plan-3 Miles Easy]
Thursday- Rest [Training Plan-7 Miles, 3-6 at MP]
Friday- 7 Miles (3-6 at MP) [Training Plan-Rest]
Saturday- 6 Miles Easy [Training Plan-16 Miles Easy]
Sunday- Rest

Question: How to do you maintain a positive mental attitude during training?
Tell me in the comments!




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