GCM16 Training: Week Eight

It's Week 8. This means we are half-way to Race Day! This week was also a challenging week because I was out-of-town for work. I was running in an unfamiliar town on country roads, which meant often running without music (not that I'm complaining--I really enjoyed it actually). Also I had little to know control… Continue reading GCM16 Training: Week Eight


GCM16 Training: Week Seven

I'm still riding the gratitude wave. It really is all about attitude. A positive mental attitude will take you so much farther than a negative mentality. Instead of looking at the weather and being disappointed to see below freezing temperatures, I look and think that I am thankful to enjoy weather that doesn't make me… Continue reading GCM16 Training: Week Seven

GCM16 Training: Week Six

The last two weeks of reflection have been somewhat negative in my mind. I've reflected on common mistakes and even goal pace setting. While there can be (and I did try) a positive spin on these, I still look back and don't feel the warm fuzzies. For this week, I personally focused on gratitude. There are… Continue reading GCM16 Training: Week Six