GCM16 Training: Week Three

I’m going to apologize because my training posts so far this training period have been very basic at most. I’ll try to make sure that they fully reflect all of my 2016 Glass City Marathon (and Pittsburgh Marathon) training.

Prior to this training period, I vowed to make 2016 the year of body maintenance. I’ve been blessed that over the years, my body has seemed very resilient when it comes to all that I put it through. In reality, I am putting a lot of wear and tear on my body, and need to be more devoted to taking better care of myself. I have elected to receive a sports massage every 3-4 weeks as part of a plan to prevent injury and encourage recovery. I also am attempting to include more mobility exercises in my day-to-day. And if you haven’t already noticed, I do enjoy a bit of yoga in my life. While yoga has done wonders for both my mind and my body, it is not enough for all of the activity that I do, so I have begun incorporating it into my warm-up routine (again) as well as my cool-down stretching. Warming-up and cooling-down are often somethings I have neglected because I am always rushing, but I am focusing quite a bit on both. Range of motion and mobility exercises are perfect for that instead of the old-school static stretches. I have also become more dedicated to foam rolling.

Other things I am looking to work on include core strength and explosive movements. Both of which have been known to increase speed in runners.

Monday: 6.0 Mile Run on the Treadmill in the AM. Followed by some Yoga! I attended a 75 minute Vinyasa class at Red Yoga in Ann Arbor.

Tuesday: 3.0 Mile Run on the Treadmill in the AM; followed by some strength training. 4.55 Mile Fartlek Workout on the Treadmill in the PM.

Wednesday: 6.0 Mile Run on the Treadmill in the AM.

Thursday: 6.0 Mile Run on the Treadmill in the AM. Miles 2, 3 and 5 were at Marathon Pace or faster. In the evening, I attended a 60 minute Power Yoga class at Tonic Maumee. Before bed, I tried some foam rolling.

Friday: Rest Day! I did foam roll for a bit and do some legs up the wall before bed.

Saturday: 14 Mile Run Outside in the AM. The training schedule said 10 miles, but my personal plan was for 14. I woke up and did some morning yoga and foam rolling then headed to the park. I got in 4 miles before meeting up with my Dave’s MIT pace group for 10 miles. It was a struggle because the “group” pace was barely less than a minute slower than our Marathon Pace, and just a touch faster than my normal easy pace. I hung out in the back, but eventually lost the group. After the run, I headed over to a 60 minute Yoga class at Yogaja Yoga.

Sunday: Rest Day! I spent the afternoon reviewing my training plan and inserting some hill training. While GCM is perfectly flat, Pittsburgh is not. GCM is, of course, my goal race, and PGH is just for fun, but I would be an idiot not to at least prep my body for the hills that I will face in Pittsburgh. I also attended a 60 minute Power Yoga class at Tonic Maumee, as well as foam rolled and did some trigger point therapy with a lacrosse ball.

You can view all of my weekly workout recaps here.

Question: How is your training going?
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3 thoughts on “GCM16 Training: Week Three”

  1. You are a running machine!! That’s a great goal for those two marathons so close together. I hope it goes well. I have only gotten injured spacing my marathons close together, so I hope that definitely doesn’t happen to you!!! My GCM training has been going pretty good. I do seem a bit worn down this training cycle, so hopefully that feeling goes away and I feel stronger soon.


    1. That’s how I felt last year training for GCM (half). I’m appreciating the shorter recovery runs so far. Hopefully you start feeling better this training period 🙂


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