GCM: Week Three

Two weeks down, 12 more to go.

Monday: Rest Day, which was good because we were snowed in!

Tuesday: First Speed Workout! 3 Miles total on the Treadmill.

Wednesday: 6.2 Miles Outside + Lifting. We received 2 inches of snow over night. The run was slower than I anticipated due to icy conditions.

Thursday: 4.5 Miles on the Treadmill in the AM + 4.75 Miles Outside in the PM (Weatherman said it “Feels like -1.”).

Friday: 5.0 Miles Outside (Weatherman said it “Feels like 0!”) with some mild winds.

Saturday: 10.0 Miles Outside. Weather was Sunny and above freezing (Weatherman said “Feels like 29.”). The first 3 miles were slow, and then the last 7 miles hovered around my Maintenance pace. In the afternoon I did a GRL and we probably rucked roughly 7 miles in 4 hours.

Sunday: 6.0 Miles Outside. My legs were definitely stiff from this full week of running and enjoyed the 6 mile recovery run.

Weekly Totals:

  • 6 hours 22 mins
  • 39.4 miles running

See all weekly workout recaps here.

Question: How do you get your training in when there’s inclement weather?



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