Glass City Marathon: Week Six

This is Race Week! Finally it’s here! Training this week is very relaxed. My total mileage is going to be no more than my longest training run, and my pace is going to be very conservative. This is the week where if I feel my pace is too fast, I’ll actually stop and walk.

Sunday: Ran 10 miles. My last long run. [Training Plan = 10 miles]

Monday: Rest. [Training Plan = Rest]

Tuesday: Ran 2 miles. Slightly heavy winds, but warm and beautiful. My legs felt fresh. [Training Plan = 2 miles]

Wednesday: Ran 3 miles. Legs didn’t feel as fresh yesterday, but when music free. [Training Plan = 3  miles]

Thursday: Rest. [Training Plan = Rest]

Friday: Ran 2 miles. Most advice is to rest 2 days out and then run a shake out run the day before. But sometimes I feel like the day-before plan is just to exhausting, so I plan on a shakeout run 2 days before, followed by a GREAT night’s sleep. [Training Plan = 2 miles]

Saturday: Rest. Spent the day in class but snuck out at lunch to the Expo for packet pick-up. [Training Plan = Rest]

Weekly Totals:

  • 2 hours 38 mins
  • 17.05 miles running

See all weekly workout recaps here.

If you haven’t already checked out my Race Day Preparation blogs, you can find them here.



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