Glass City Marathon: Week Two

This week saw my return to CrossFit, as well as getting back onto the wagon for Marathon Training!

Sunday: Run. The weather was 34 degrees, windy, but sunny. I started off not wanting to run at all, but I had to skip Saturday’s run so I then considered cutting my run in half. I remembered that I love running this city when I’m in town and that GCM is only 5 weeks away. I’m so glad I forced myself to get out there. It was such a great way to start my week. 6 miles finishing down Nationwide Blvd. [Training Plan = Rest]

Monday: Run. I had planned on attending CrossFit today, but those heavy squats and box jumps made me pass; my legs just aren’t quite ready for that. So I ran 2 miles instead in 34 degree weather around the Woodlands Park neighborhood. [Training Plan = 2 miles]

Tuesday: Rest. No excuses. I went and saw Divergent with my mom instead 🙂 No regrets either about missing this run. But I was thrilled to see that there was still sunlight when I left the theater at 8pm, that means it’s spring again! [Training Plan = 2 miles]

Wednesday: CrossFit & Run. Went to CF did some strict shoulder presses, a few power snatches and power cleans, and a whole lotta burpees…then I ran 5 miles as if it wasn’t enough. [Training Plan = 2  miles]

Thursday: Rest. I currently take a class every other Thursday to work on finishing my masters, but yesterday I was debating on seeing if I could work in a 2 mile run to make up for Tuesday. Then I woke up today and remembered it has been a few months since I did CF and Running back-to-back (however, from July 2013 until November 2013, it was a daily occurrence), and I’m a tad bit sore today…so Rest it is! [Training Plan = Rest]

Friday: Run. 3 miles with headwinds of 25-30 mph and 45 degree weather. [Training Plan = 2 miles]

Saturday: Run. 6 miles that were cloudy, wet, and cold. And it was fabulous (no sarcasm, I promise!). [Training Plan = 4 miles]

Weekly Totals:

  • 3 hours 19 mins
  • 22 miles running

See all weekly workout recaps here.



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